Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Game: Encountering With the Wights in an Ancient Torture Chamber!

 ...and no, the title doesn't refer to your high school reunion, but rather to the ruins of an ancient castle known only as...the Keep.

The party has been searching the ruins for answers to the mysterious nature of a powerful man who has retained their services in times past...a man who floats about in a strange metal chair since losing his power to walk to an encounter with an ancient red dragon upon another plane. Hmmm....

After battling Serpent Men and Quogoth, the heroes (?) discovered a secret door in one of the chambers which led them to an ancient torture room replete with a wrack, an iron maiden, and a gibbet.

Jonathan the DM, filled with glee at the party's dire predicament!
Upon entering and sensing a malevolent presence; Sally's cleric, Blessing, decided to use her Turn Undead power to force out any restless spirits who might be hiding.....

Three nasty wights materialized and proceeded to punish the trespassers!

 Highlights of the battle included the wights phasing in and out of invisibility and picking up characters and throwing them into walls.

My halfling Rogue, Jabijah, did better than ever with his +1 magic rapier, with me having the unusual luck of rolling three 20's almost in a row.

Our half orc bard attacked with his magic sword while our druid cast a Moonbeam spell. Our Monk, Meriel, had a Water Whip which she used to great effect. Our Gnome Magic User got picked up and thrown around by the angry wights and ended up prone for quite some time.

At last the wights were dispatched and as we searched the horrid place, opening the iron maiden revealed the skeletal remains of some inhuman creature which met it's pitiful fate here ages past. Someone had secreted a rapier here--investigation revealed it to be a strange technological artifact; it can function both as a light casting item as well as a sort of low grade light sabre....our Gnome came in handy in ascertaining the nature of the weird sword.

"You just got hit by a wight--make a saving throw!"

Sally ponders who Blessing should heal during the fracas...

Would you mess with these guys? Our bard leads a charge, behind him our wizard prepares a spell! The blonde in the purple cloak is our monk and behind her you can see the nasty wight!

 All in all, a very good time was had by everyone and we have lived to fight another day...but what is the origin of the strange technology? It radiated no magick! Was the weird skeleton in the iron maiden a being from beyond the stars??? I guess we'll have to find out next time!

Toby ponders his wizards next move as Gwen, playing the druid with the staff behind him, eyes the approaching Wight with dread and horror

Knock knock...who's there.....?

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