Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Gorvid- A Monster Race for 1st Edition AD&D or Other System


ARMOR CLASS:  5, 6, or 7
MOVE:  9” / 18”
HIT DICE:  3, 4, or 5
% IN LAIR:  40%
TREASURE TYPE: Individuals nil, Q, B, S in lair
NO. ATTACKS: 3 or Breath attack
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2-5/2-5/1-8
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Acid immunity and fire resistance
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
SIZE: Medium, Large

The name of the Gorvid refers to the species and to individual specimens. Gorvid are a race of winged, scaly creatures with humanoid bodies and a lion like leathery head set with six eyes and a gaping maw brimming with sharp fangs. Male gorvid bear horns and are covered in tough gray scales that become even tougher with age and time, and this is reflected in their varying AC values. Female gorvid are always AC 7 as they do not develop this natural armor, although they can fight as fiercely as their mates.

Gorvid lair in underground warrens constructed in the floors of forest and caves below mountains. Each den is a small complex of intertwining tunnels and chambers used variously for sleeping, feeding and for mating rituals. Each lair also contains some sort of mysterious room where skulls are set up to form what resembles a votive shrine. There are always at least two entrances to these dens. Gorvid fly forth at night upon their great bat like wings in search of animal or human and humanoid prey to be carried back to their den and devoured at leisure. They will save living prey for later if they are gorged., and a few fortunate souls have actually been rescued from gorvid dens, albeit much worse for wear. There are rumors of an ancient sect of hunter warriors dedicated to seeking these monsters out and exterminating them, but little more is known.

Gorvid avoid sunlight and suffer -2 to their attacks as well as suffering 1-3 points of damage per round as long as they are exposed, eventually dying. This fact and their resistance to magic have led some sages to conclude these creatures originated in the Abyss before entering this world, although they exhibit none of the magical powers of demons. It is common custom, however, for any town or village to reward the bearer of a gorvid hand with coin befitting such a slayer. Gorvid are resistant to any acid attacks thrown at them and take only half damage from fire.

Gorvid use two claws and a biting attack in combat, but each gorvid also has the ability three times per day to disgorge a belching mist of deadly acid which causes 1-10 points of damage unless a saving throw is made for half damage. 

Gorvids vary in might according to size and age and this is reflected in the varying Hit Dice values listed. The larger gorvid are always Hit Dice 5 and they will be led by the fiercest of these. Females will attempt to flee with any young or eggs if the den attacked in large number. Any treasure in a gorvid den is what is left from past victims carried there for feasting. 

Note: The Gorvid monster concept and accompanying image are designed by J.E. Becker and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Monday, December 30, 2019

My OriginalTekumel Fan-Art

A Soldier of the Seal of the Imperium bows his head as his Pe Choi comrade breathes its last following a battle at a Yank Kori fortification. From Tekumel, World of the Petal Throne, a setting created by M.A.R. Barker

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Alien Apocalypse

This is a sharpie and ink pen illustration of an alien apocalypse !

Original rights belong to me (Justin Becker)!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

D&D Fanfilm

I like these people. And this is pretty funny in places

Final Role!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mistral Keep

So a friend of mine lucked onto a massive cache of D&D minis and terrain and among the treasure was a crate with wrapped modular pieces of a keep cast in hydrostone.

He was willing to let it go for a Jackson and a Lincoln to me, a friend's price, and to me well worth it.

I believe these pieces come from a Metal Magic Studios- they were cast in 1986 and bear copyright and signature engravings on each piece underside.

I love the amazing detail. They form a small keep and courtyard that will be most useful for a seige wargame or character hold and of course as an entrance to a dungeon!

They are interesting in that the two rectangular buildings, a gatehouse and the keep proper, are both in two parts each. They fasten together with velcro buttons. All pieces stand well and balanced without the velcro but with it they are quite firm.

The insides of these four pieces are crafted and there are inserts for floors, so the towers may be taken apart and minis placed on stairs and floors for interior action.

I was not acquainted with hydrostone before this set but I must say it takes paint beautifully.

This is a first coat and there will be a lighter highlight and then a wash, as well as details for the wooden doors, rooftops, and I plan to craft some banners. And at some point, I must, of course, craft a hilltop and road for this wonderful Keep!

Do you like the Clock-Work Dragon in the background?