Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Greetings OSR gamers!

In spite of best intentions the blog remains static.

I would like to revive it and pay a lot more attention to it.

I have not been remiss in my pursuits of game design, but due to very large and positive life changes, I have been somewhat busy.

Getting married tends to take some focus....!

Anyway, I will be updating and trying to provide content that will encourage commenting by those who visit the Mazes, since a weblog is much more fun to work on when people are involved.

So that means I've got to get some content up worth commenting about!

I predict 2015 will be a great year for games!

If anyone is out there paying attention, please send me your e-mails or comments as to what you would like to see!! More dungeons? New game systems? Obscure relics of the Deep Age?

Reviews? Stories?

Let's build cool stuff!!!

Good gaming to you all.



  1. Man I for one would sure like some content about that new game system you and that other dude are working on....

  2. That will be forthcoming my friend!

  3. The rituals are almost performed Vile! Really excited about the Necropolis. And I thought I had already let you know but yes my copies of Blueholme came. Really like them! The stitched style is really nice, I also ordered a perfect bound. I will run a group through it sometime!