Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Second Thursday night AD&D went off pretty well tonight!

Our party consists of a Priestess of Aphrodite, a Druid and Magic User, and a daring Thief.

We are using the Atlantis setting published by Bard games in 1983.

After being entrusted with a quest from the temple of Aphrodite (and given funds to set up), the party hired warrior retainers, a strange Kushite Magician, and a captain and crew to take them from Atlantis to the isle of Mediterranea.

However, a great storm appeared and in the midst of it they could see giant female forms of water elementals who cast them into foamy chaos. The ship was destroyed and many lost, but our heroes and other survivors awoke on strange jungle Isle.

Exploring the jungle, they found ancient ruins and inscriptions to ugly stone gods. At length they found a ruined shrine in the open air which was filled with strange green skinned savages presided over by an Atlantean woman of striking beauty and authority. On the ruins, a sacrifice was underway at the hand sof a green shaman.

The party decided to interrupt, and seven stood against eighteen!  A fun and surprising melee ensued and it ended with the Atlantean Priestess dead, her shaman as well, and most of the warriors. Those who survived fled into the jungle--the heroes did well, though the battle was swayed a bit by the Kushite's Fireball spell....morale check, fail, survivors split!

They garnered some neat items and a heavy amount of jewelry, and the game ended with them having won the loyalty of a fourteen year old green skinned girl they saved. Now they are off to explore the rest of the island, having learned from the Priestess that the inhabitants of the Isle are in fact the savage descendants of the Island of who knows what secrets lie waiting to be discovered in the ruins???

Great game!

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