Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Play By Post RPG Rules In the Works

I am working on a tentative action list for a PbP Message Forum RPG set in the world of Skyrim; Elder Scrolls. 

Disclaimer: I have no intellectual ownership over Skyrim and this is a fan work. Any setting could actually be used, of course.

Players have a number of points per turn they can use to undertake actions in addition to dialogue and storytelling. 

Below is a list of Actions and their cost in Action Points. These numbers are added to Skill and Attribute scores and set against an opposing roll by the DM to determine success of failure.

The great bane of PbP Games is failure of some people to post or update in a timely manner. 

The rules I am working on would enable players to continue in the game regardless of what other players do, and in a sandbox setting at that.

I chose Skyrim as a setting because so many of my table top associates are familar with it.

Anyway, updates to follow, here is the Action List: