Sunday, January 11, 2015

1st Edition AD&D Chronciles of Rysanthis

Pics from our now defunct 1st Edition AD&D Rysanthian Chronicles game. These are fun folks to game with!

We ran well over a year with this campaign and attained 9th-10th level.

We had very mixed ages but it went well and we saw it through almost to the end...we halted the game at the precipice of the final climactic battle with the Lich Queen and the siege of Carrohoene, the Great City of the Mistwater.

The fellow at the far left is an old high school buddy I gamed with in the 80's and this guy is a walking encyclopedia of D&D.

I didn't have to open a book if there was ever a rules question, he could quote you chapter and verse.  Thanks Milton! Jason, in the hat, is also a DM.

This game got very intense at times and seven hour sessions were not unusual.

Currently trying to write up the campaign to share with the online community....


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