Friday, June 16, 2017

Gelnn Halstrom "The Old Grognard" Reviews Blueholme Prentice Game by Dreamscape Design

Posting a link to a good review of Michael Thomas's Blueholme Prentice Rules by Glenn Halstrom from Glenn's Youtube Channel, the Old Grognard.

I am truly looking forward to owning and playing a copy of Blueholme Journeymanne Rules, Dreamscape's latest effort. Really cannot wait to see the treatment of the higher levels and to see the world of Blueholme, which the Prentice Rules didn't encompass.

But the Prentice Rules have  still gained a place on the map and rightfully so!

The price  is great, and the amount of love that went into the project is evident in the design. The simplicity of Holmes style dungeon and wilderness design and the light weight rules are one of Blueholmes' greatest strengths. I am a firm believer that rpg's should be simple when it comes to what we call "mechanics"--so many classic games that had beautiful atmosphere, world settings, artwork and design and amazing concepts are not being widely played today because they were cumbersome rules sets, while the simpler games of old continue to evolve in ever new forms.

Glenn Halstrom gives a very good presentation of what is great about this game.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

You Can Put Your Art Major to Use Through Dungeons and Dragons ( * )

Greetings Maze Dwellers! Today I wanted to share a great web presence by a fellow DM who goes by the moniker DM Scotty. If you are a DM who loves to craft for your games, whether it be props, character sheets, minis, terrain or minis painting, I recommend that you check out the DM's Craft Youtube Channel and, if you are a Facebook user, the Facebook Group named DM Scotty's Crafts and Games.

I've come to a strange point in my gaming life where I had to give up the GM chair of a Sunday afternoon gaming group we were enjoying just because, well, I've got too many danged things to do right now and I can't do Gming justice.

It's not that my love and passion for the games are any less and I'm still going to be joining some games as a player on a semi-regular basis but I have alot going on at home with gardening, landscaping and remodelling. Boring I know, but while I have been unable to play many games lately I find that in my evening hours, especially on weekends, I still love crafting the game and writing adventures and rpg rules.

Yes, I am an old school gamer and blogger admitting that I have not been able to engage in the hobby I blog about! We do honesty here, Maze Dwellers, and I suspect some can understand!

I suspect I will get back into it soon, I love gaming too much not to, but in the meantime I've been focused on model building and art stuff in the spare time I do have. And DM Scotty's FB group has been very welcome! It's a real community, perhaps not as closely knit as a forum but sharing the works, tips, questions and techniques among everyone posting had not only been relaxing and uplifting but has opened my eyes to so many awesome possibilities in the realm of model building and D&D inspired art. I was not asked to share this page, I do it as one gamer to another because I guarantee you that whether you craft or not, once you start looking through the posts of contributing members, you will find major inspiration! If you have become bored with the Internet, get ready to get jazzed again!

So in case you did not know about the Crafty DM, may I point you to his Youtube videos and if you are on Facebook find the group! Imagine seeing D&D crafts on your FB feed everyday instead of political bombast and strange dinner photos! I can tell you it made FB a new experience for me.

In addition to DM Scotty's Crafty DM FB group may I recommend that people with this addiction also take a look at the following FB groups. I'm not posting them as links because if you have FB you can search for them with better results!

The Terrain Tutor's Terraniacs

WGC Terrain Builders

RPG Map Creations

Polystyrene Modellers and Recyclers   

And now, here is DM Scotty. Build worlds my friends!!

*I didn't say you would make money with your art degree, I just said you could put it to use.