Monday, May 9, 2011

Using The Dungeons as a Campaign Tie In

I have uploaded my maps and dungeon keys here because I would be thrilled if any other players used them and had fun.

They can be tailored to fit your specific campaign environs as well.

If anyone does decide they want to go for the over-all quest that ties a series of the dungeons together in a cohesive plot, a major change must be made to the Maze of Nuromen dungeon which is not included in the key.

First, when players approach Law's End the DM should describe the ruins of a structure which a Dwarf or other knowledgeable PC will notice was begun but not finished. the DM should make the structure as
mysterious as possible to the party but they will uncover nothing without entering the Maze proper.

The dungeon key relates the private quarters of the priest who served the religious life of the wizard and his court.

A book called the Rituals of the Summoning of Gamosh should be placed by the DM therein, along with medieval style blue prints on the priests table which they will instantly recognize as being the plans for the incomplete structure. The Book of Gamosh will relate how it is necessary to build and dedicate a temple to Gamosh to bring him back to the Prime Material Plane.

No one in the base town of Camlann will have ever heard of the sect or the evil deity. They will, however, recommend a sage who dwells in the city of Kravekos who may be asked of these things. There the players will learn the legend behind the demi-god and the titan who exiled him to the nether realms, though they will not as yet uncover the Jennerak link. The sage will recommend the party to explore the Undercity of Kravekos for more secrets.

The truth is that after Nuromen died, a priest who survived the downfall of Laws End fled the lands and traveled to the frozen wastes of the North, where a new temple was begun and completed some years ago...all it's keeprs lack are the actual eye and hand of Gamosh to complete the ritual of summoning...

So that is the basic premise for the entire ten level campaign.

Hope it can be useful to someone for some good games!


  1. Thanks for the extra info JB, I'm gonna add the semi-built structure and the book of summoning to the document I've made of the Maze of Nuromen. I was also thinking about making a kind of upper level to the dungeon, being the ruins of Law's End. I'll let you know if I get anywhere with it!

  2. Gavin, thanks for the info. I would like to see what you come up with. I had actually thought about doing that as well but never got back to it. Also, I think a town like Law's End would be a very interesting place in it's hey day....