Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bandit and Gnoll Lair

This small map was drawn up as a one shot adventure to immediately follow the successful completion of the Maze of Nuromen and just prior to the Undercity of Kravekos.

I originally designed it as a stand alone but found it tied into the campaign setting as a sub plot of the Gamosh scenario. It is only a roughed in map with no key so a DM will need to spruce it up.

After the party exited the Maze of Nuromen and had some treasure on their hands, they decided to party at the Boar's Head in the hamlet of Camlan. Here they noticed some very unsavory types engaged in soem larcenous behavior. 

The DM should try to get the party interested in follwing them somehow.

When they follow the ruffians outside in the night air they see them try to rob an innocent bystander.

If the party intervenes, they will discover that these are members of a bandit clan based in the area.

An elf can probably track them to their lair the next day if they should get away after the fight--or if  the bandits are defeated and they give it up. The leader of the bandits, one Lothar, should escape to build suspense. care shold be taken to turn lothar into a compelling evil NPC

During the course of the adventure they will discover that this is but one arm of the bandit clan called the White Company. The White Company can be developed later in the game but in the beginning it should be mysterious. Some tidbits of knowledge can be garnered through play, but for now in the early stages of campaign, all that should be discovered is that high up in the mountains dwells the bulk of the bandit army, led by a mysterious captain called only The Prince.

If a DM wishes to extend this sub-plot to fit into the Jennerak campaign setting, he or she should know that the Prince is actually a fairly good fellow (loosely based on the main character in the tale of the Children of Hurin by JRR Tolkien) who is the son of a banished family of nobles wronged by the throne in  the city Kravekos. He has given too much authority to lothar who is an evil fellow that has turned into a true blackguard and has made alliance with a band of gnolls--the Prince knows nothing of this.

Or you can simply use the bandit lair as a stand alone adventure. In our game the party captured a number of the bandits alive and were to escort them in irons to the city of Kravekos for a reward from the High Lord.

Aside form ideas in the notes on the map, adventures include taking care of outside sentries, disarming wilderness traps on the hill, and sneaking into the lair and fighting the owl bear kept in a pit, not to mention the gnolls.

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