Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Actual and Original "Forbidden Maze" Map

Okay, yes, I am a weirdo.

I actually paused the DVD and made a copy of the original map of the Forbidden Mazes of the Jennerak used by the DM in the movie "Mazes and Monsters". I did some editing in paint.

It's visually interesting. I decided to make it a catacomb-ed hill on a lonely coast, barely discernible as an engineered structure from without due to time, wind, and sand. However, an old rampart that looks like a natural hill now still leads up to the old entrance.

I decide this would be level one of the Mazes, which is a ninth level dungeon.

Here is the movie prop map:

Here is a version I did some work on with Paint.

The black and white map is the Maze Controler's actual map as drawn by the prop makers--I added only the secret door in the east wall with the steps going down, to be the entrance to level 2.

Version two was the dungeon as I envisioned it on a dune like, grass covered hill overlooking the ocean. Behind the hill are many other hills which appear to the eye to be natural but are in fact the overgrown spires of the ancient city of the Jennerak.

I have not designed a key for this dungeon yet. Maybe someone can help me come with an interesting function for the house shaped structure in the middle halls.

I took the second movie map, the one used by Tom Hanks to find the Great Hall, and based on it the second and only other level of the Mazes of the Jennerak. It made for an interesting mega-dungeon.

My "dark secret" for the Jennerak is that a few still remain within the mounds, as barrow wights and/or vampires , given undead status by the evil demi-god who caused their civilization to fall....of course, the player characters begin the campaign looking to the Jenerak culture as a race of super-men. Throughout the course of the games they discover the Awful Truth..and this is the place where it happems, seven or eight dungeons from where it all began in the Maze of Nuromen.

I will upload the "Great hall" Map later.


  1. Interesting ... the rock slope looks like it was clearly taken from the Keep on the Borderlands.

  2. this is from a screenshot, however, from the film.