Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kickstarter Happenings: DREAMSCAPE DESIGNS Blueholme System, Journeymanne Edition

Greetings Mazedwellers! I'm late on the ball for announcing this worthy Kickstarter that Dreamscape Designs has launched for the new Blueholme Journeymanne Edition. Last I checked,primary funding goals were reached but there are still 17 days to go! Glad to see the support and success.

The Blueholme system was created as a retro-clone for the old Eric Holmes edited Basic Dungeons and Dragons rules, a short but classic and well beloved edition of D&D that holds a special place in the reliquary of Old School D&D. 

And one thing that is special about the new Journeymanne Edition is that Dreamscape Designs guiding light Michael Thomas has commissioned some outstanding art from the son of the late Dr. Holmes, artist Chris Holmes! And let me say, he is good! 

The Journeymanne rules are special in and of themselves as they create a complete and self contained system that allows for levels of play through level 20, over 200 spells for magic using classes, 250 magic items, 120 creatures, and rules for adapting any of the creatures for a player character, as well as for making combined classes.

I own and have played with the earlier edition of Journeymanne Prentice and it is a well thought out and attractively assembled book, a very quality printing job with a sturdy cover and some great art.

Quality game for a great price and lots of love!!!

Below is a link to the Kickstarter--check it out! I only look for better things to come from Dreamscape Designs.

Journeymanne Blueholme Kick Starter Page


  1. Thanks, Justin! You'll be happy to hear that the Maze of Nuromen will soon go PoD. After that I have the little matter of publishing an introductory adventure by the name of The Shrine of Sobek, then it's back to finish of the Forbidden Mazes of the Jennerak triology.

  2. Sweet news! Michael, you have designed a special game and I'm glad to see it taking off! Shrine of Sobek--sounds awesome already! I cannot wait to hold a stitched copy of Maze of Nuromen in my hands!
    Let us adventure!