Monday, October 24, 2016

PHOENIX ROAD Savage Worlds Homebrew Campaign Begins!

This was a very good weekend for gaming in my house.

The game I had been playing in for the last year or more, a 5th Edition D&D campaign based on the WoTC release Rise of Tiamat  wrapped up and I was asked if I would like the volunteer to run a new campaign.

The request came with one wish from the players--would I run Savage Worlds?

My familiarity with the system was comprised of me having heard the name, and that was it.

I have been wanting to run a post apocalyptic campaign for some time, so I agreed and decided to give the game a go.

I have been tailoring my setting and digesting the Savage Worlds rules when I was made aware of a Savage Worlds demo game at the local game shop. I went, had a blast, learned the rules fairly well in a few hours, and was given a free rule book to boot just for playing! It was a great time.

So our group met and generated characters for Phoenix Road this past weekend.

 I drew heavily from several sources for my campaign setting, borrowing elements from FALLOUT, the Den of Earth segment of the Heavy Metal film, the Postman film, and various Epic and H.M. magazines I have about. Of particular inspiration was a two part comic story in Epic called "Apocrypha" by John and Laura Lakey, wherein humans, being made sterile through various self inflicted disasters, spliced human genes with animal genes since animals could still reproduce--they look somewhat like the human animal hybrids in the musical animation Rock N Rule.

So our party ended up being two humans who begin the game awakening from Stasis in a mountain side vault, the android overseer who maintained the Vault since the Cataclysm, a human psionic character whose mental gifts make him a  shaman amongst his nomadic tent dwelling people, and three "Splicer" descendants..a feline imperial renegade, a canine assassin, and a bear spliced female warrior with a death vendetta against a religious cult called the Renunication, a sect who murdered her kin because they were deemed abominations. The Renunciation disavows splicers, tech in the hands of the Profane, books, and psionic characters whom they deem to be witches...

Phoenix Road takes place some three centuries after the End. Roads have been busted up by forests, the ancient cities are merely dangerous quarries where people salvage materials for fortresses and new settlements, there are strange mutated animals, and prewar humans, unaffected by splicing or later pollution,  are rare. Society is feudal dark Ages stuff...but of course, somewhere, the Enlightened and their ancient technologies must surely exist.

Anyway, this is what we are going to run with, I look forward to updating you to our adventures!

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