Monday, October 17, 2016

Free Kindle Download Fantasy Novel: DARK FATE, VOLUME ONE by Matt Howerter and Jon Reinke

Greetings Maze Dwellers. If you are searching for a new swords and sorcery read, I thought I would appraise you all of a new offering by graphic artist/author Matt Howerter and writer Jon Reinke, the first of a series entitled DARK FATE, THE GATHERING.

This book is currently available for free download at Kindle right now, and I will be grabbing a copy, so expect a review soon, but by all means do not wait on me!

I have had the privilege of gaming semi-frequently with Mr. Howerter, and he is a superb player and DM.  He is employed in the graphic arts field and is the cover artist for the DARK FATE  books.

I have met Mr. Reinke as well and he is also an avid gamer, highly intelligent and a very warm person to boot.

It is my understanding that Matt and Jon (and their families) have been continuing an ongoing and continuous Wheel of Time rpg campaign that began in college--pretty cool.

A free book to get you started is especially enticing since Volumes Two and Three of the DARK FATE series are finished and available for $2.99 each as Kindle Downloads!

Matt also does freelance graphic arts, is an accomplished illustrator and is very conversant with computer rendering as well. He has been commissioned to  do book covers for other authors and has also illustrated game products. So aside from letting you know about his book, if you are a writer or rpg designer who needs cover art, illustrations, or maps, I cannot praise his work highly enough.

Here  is Matt's Map of Orundal:

 Another piece of art by Matt!---

Here is a link to his Deviant Art page if you would like to see his illustration gallery:

HOWEITZER at Deviant Art

And here is a link to Amazon where you can read reviews of DARK FATE, order a print copy, or get your Kindle download for free!


Great job, Matt and Jon!

Adventure forth!

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