Monday, September 19, 2016

Lori Nix: The City-New York as Post Apocalyptic Art

Image Property of Lori Nix

Now here is a woman after my own heart! As I have been preparing to run a post apocalyptic game using the Savage World's rpg system, I have been trying to learn rules and prepare model terrain. So, I used the big beautiful Internet and went searching for ideas on model building. 

My specific idea was to use Manhattan as a model, and while looking for some good urban ruin ideas I came across the work of artist Lori Nix and her partner Kathleen, and I was totally thrilled!

Ms. Nix constructs miniatures of New York in ruins, devoid of human life. She then photographs her models and her prints are carried in reputable galleries.

She has been obsessed for many years with the idea of apocalypse, envisioning the reclamation of man's cities by plants and animals, which led her, at a certain point, to create such bleak visions as she has catalogued on her awesome website.  She cites such influences as Logan's Run, Soylent Green and Planet of the Apes.

Image propery of Lori Nix,

Ms. Nix wanders New York and photographs the most mundane  daily urban scenes, then goes home, picks the photos she wants to use, and decides what sort of materials and methods she will use to reconstruct and deconstruct these city-scapes.

The result is a post apoc fan's sweet dream, and a great inspiration to anyone who wants to build some great terrain for an After the Bomb type game.

It is also an art paradise, a great site to lose one's self in as you sit and envision the world of..The End. That world is more beautiful than you might think.

Check it out!

The City

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