Sunday, September 11, 2016

Model Building is Addictive!

I realize I have been posting a lot of model terrain pics lately but it has been a fun hobby for me and I hope to realize my goal of having a model built for every important encounter and scenario locale on my adventure map.

This one will likely be an old Third Age ruin on the Isle of Kazamir on the Mistwater, being the entrance to an older Jennerak complex inside the island.

Or else it will be the remains of the inner keep of the fortress overlooking the ruined city of Barrow on the shore across from Isle Kazamir.

This one was made in three 1-2 hour sit-downs, it's ready to go for gaming but I will be adding more foliage and trees coming up through the flagstones, as well as fallen rubble.  

I scored the bricks with a pencil but the flaws are owing to having done this after gluing it together--my hand then couldn't fit into some spaces to get straight lines. 

I am planning on using heavy gauge wire mesh

If I make this Barrow's old keep I will need to create several other modules for the town terrain and a nice paper mache hill for the keep. 

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