Friday, April 3, 2015

The Amazing, Stupendous and Utterly Diabolical "Dagger of Intrigue"....

At a game recently, resuming the campaign from a nearly two month break, a player trotted out a list of treasures and magic items from the last time we had played and started asking questions about a "Dagger of Intrigue".

Him: So what does this Dagger of Intrigue do?

Me: Dagger of Intrigue?

Him: Yes, you told us we found a Dagger of Intrigue.

Me: Really? Hmm. I seem to have misplaced my list. I specifically stated to you that it was a Dagger of Intrigue?

Him: Yes, you did. You said it was called a Dagger of Intrigue.

Me: Oh. Perhaps I said you found a dagger which intrigues you...

Him, smiling and shaking his head: Ah no--you specifically stated that Vattic (his thief) found among the treasures a Dagger of Intrigue.

So, after admitting that I had forgotten but seeing how the player had been fascinated by the Dagger of Intrigue and he, as yet being only second level, almost third, but without any magical items, I invented the Dagger of Intrigue upon the spot.

Me: Yes, Vattic has indeed found a most wondrous relic, for the Dagger is not only a +2 to hit and damage magic weapon, it is also imbued with an a power most useful to one of your profession. For the enchantment of the blade is such that when at your will you consciously conceal it upon your person, it cannot be found by the most diligent searcher out of weapons. Be it a bandit robbing you, a castle guard patting you down, or a captor relieving you of your arms, a Dagger of Intrigue can never be found by normal means. In fact, you could be bare-a** naked to the mortal eye, shivering in a snowbank, but no one will see the dagger or find it. And don't ask me where it goes either....

Anyway, I thought it a decent magic item! He was very thrilled with it and his companions gleefully recommended it for assassination and other bits of skullduggery.

As I write this, my thoughts run to the question of how many daggers of this nature had been invented, who fashioned them and for what specific purpose...interested to hear ideas on this in the comments section!

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