Sunday, April 12, 2015

Photo Experimentation

Proposed Zine Cover

"Wizard of the Wood"

These are a few images I captured in the woods near my home using a mask I constructed for a Christmas costume party the year before last.

I went to the party as the Green Man.

It struck me as a good prop for photographs as studies for paintings or other art.

"Goblin" is my favorite, being simple and having some good colors. I like "Druid" as well, but the final photo strikes me as being a bit sickly in hue.

This was an experimental foray--I have a much larger project in mind which I am gathering materials for right now.

I will admit to liking scary and creepy things, but I would also love to try and produce some images of beautiful fantasy subjects as well.

Hope you like them. These images are copyrighted and  may not be used without permission of Justin Becker, thank you!

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