Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Forgotten Comics; c1980's D&D Inspired Notebook Saga; No Wonder My Grades Sucked

A couple of years ago I was going through some papers saved by my mother and found a folded stack of notebook paper.  Opening it up, I was amazed to see a comic I had scribbled in a composition book back in the height of my teenage D&D craze. 

Here was the beginning...and end....of the adventures of Orik the Barbarian of the Eastern Plains and Menden, Elf of the Ethenwood, Orik's faithful friend.

Not hugely original but I recall being thrilled while drawing this tale, largely inspired by Basic and Expert Dungeons and Dragons. 

The two were on a quest to find a lost wizard's tower and claim his treasure--well, Orik was, but Menden knew that prophecy and destiny were afoot.

I was reading the Fahfrd and Gray Mouser series at the time as well so that was probably an influence as well.

There is atrocious grammar in it, some mispelling, plagiarized names, and a hilarious bit about the Elf noticing the age of rocks and saying, "Gee, these are even older than me."

Well aren't you the Elven Sage--DUH!!!

Menden apparently sucked at geology. 

Maybe he meant "stonework" and not "stones".

Here it is, for better or..probably...worse. THE SAGA OF ORIK OF THE EASTERN PLAINS! 

(Click images for larger view, case you didn't know...)

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