Tuesday, November 7, 2017

In Memoriam: Wyatt Ferris, Fellow Gamer and A Beloved Son

Wyatt Ferris

This post causes me more reflection than any other I have ever posted.

The young man pictured above is Wyatt Ferris.

I did not know Wyatt. Before this week, I had never even heard of him or seen his face. But being a member of  Facebook community which I love very much, DM Scotty's Crafts and Games, I happened across a post which gave me pause.

Rather than attempt to describe it, I will simply relay the post to you in the words of Wyatt's mother, the original poster:

Last week my 17 year old son Wyatt Ferris took his own life after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He was very active in the gaming community, both as player and GM. In order to show our endless love for Wyatt and to honor his countless hours at the gaming tables, we're asking GMs and storytellers around the world to add Wyatt as an NPC in your games. Wyatt was a paladin, cavalier, war priest, rogue, swashbuckler, investigator, Hellknight bodyguard, and more. Please see the photos here of Wyatt and use the hashtags #Play4Wyatt #WyattNPC so we can follow his continued adventures. Thank you for helping this broken hearted mother mend after this tragic loss. I love the gaming community for starting this for my son. My Twitter is @baddicebad.

I asked Wyatt's mother if I could share her posting here and she asked that I would do so.

Being a parent, I can only imagine Wyatt's family's pain, but their love of life...and his...is evident in this request and the beautiful pictures of Wyatt his mother has shared.

So if you can, please honor Julie's request and let's make Wyatt's love of adventure live on.

If you are a blogger, please, by all means, post Julie's request in your own way at your site.  

Rest in peace our fellow gamer! 

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