Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Modeling Continues-Kazamir Dungeon Module

Life has left little time of late for this hobby that I love. I have been able to keep running my post apocalyptic Savage Worlds game and have built terrain for that game as well, but my goal of modeling the major campaign areas of my 1st Edition AD&D campaign has not been completely idle, either.

These are some pics of a terrain module which encompasses the second level of the major dungeon in my Rysanthis setting, Kazamir. 

I do look forward to finishing it and using it in a game. I tried to give it a multi level effect and there are both natural caverns and engineered chambers and tunnels left from the days of the Jennerak, though the dungeon has been turned to wholly evil ends long ago...

It takes up an entire table in length but leaves room for players and DM. Very inconvenient to transport. I made a very conscious effort to get as much maze like effect as possible while not making it stuffy for miniatures play, and I like it's raised effect. I have about 15 hours into it, and about five bucks in paint so far. It's halfway done, roughly. I didn't picture everything but it has about twenty chambers and rooms. I am now hunting statuary and adornment for it in thrift store toy bins.

Kazamir dungeon lies beneath a ruined fortress of the same name on a lake island near the shores on which lie an abandoned and crumbling town called Barrow.

Hope it inspires someone to model your game world!


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