Monday, June 6, 2016

New Dungeon Terrain; Kazamir

Greetings Maze Dwellers! Model dungeon terrain is not essential to giving your players a good gaming experience, but it can be fun! 

I have endeavoured to construct model terrain for every major encounter or ruin site in my campaign up to the ninth or tenth level of play.

The piece pictured was actually inspired by the illustration in the front of Holmes blue book where you see the party deep underground (apparently) and
meeting the onslaught of an Orc Warband pouring out of a passage mouth.

The Sutherland Illo that inspired my model...

It doesn't take a lot in time or materials to create these type of 3D geomorphs.

The Styrofoam is cast off stuff behind department stores and the paints are .99 cent acrylics.  The work you see is maybe five hours, and it's not done yet, but the time spent was quite enjoyable.

I am very much looking forward to the party discovering the mystery of the ancient pool and dragon statue and their reaction when the arched portal emits a swarm of humanoid enemies!

Please e-mail me pics of your terrain and I will post it here at
the Mazes!

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