Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Temple of the Winds Images Part 2. Inner Sanctuary

So...although in the midst of preparing to move and working on musical projects with friends, I am working almost nightly on the models of the Temple Complex.

Went to get moving boxes and I know lots of places that toss boxes with interesting styrofoam
forms--this one was almost nearly the perfect shape and architecture for a dungeon room as is.

I have decided this room will be the Sanctuary or Chapel of the Temple of the Winds.

The ancient altars of Illuvion have been desecrated and Dragon Cult images have been erected.

I am waiting to paint until I bevel some of the pillars, add some embossed faces and cornices, and
get statues in place. Wooden Knights from a very stylized wooden chess set work great for carved
dragon heads.

In the encounter pictured below, heroes storm the sanctuary to try and rescue their companion from
the sacrificial rites of a Lich...undead attempt to defend the desecrated Temple.

I do find in sculpting the model and seeing it in 3D and placing figures that it is helping immensely to
plan the encounter. I will not be using the one pictured and that will all be kept under wraps until I
run the Temple as an adventure. I just placed the figures to get a feel for the scale of battle that could
take place in the Chapel.

I am debating if I want to try and sculpt a dragon head for the central  altar or saw one off a toy...the
dollar store and garage sales sometimes supply the neatest little figurines and statues that would lend
themselves so well to a dungeon model.

I'm thinking of using Cheerios for the column decorations....

I am getting anxious to paint but I am making myself wait until it's constructed!

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