Friday, March 30, 2012

Norman "Mini-Con" Game Meet Up

We welcome our friends and fellow gamers to an open house "mini-con" to be held Saturday, April 28th at 4400 W. Main in Norman, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

 This event is being held in the  community recreation hall of Canadian Shores Mobile Village which is just west of Sooner Mall on Main St.  The Recreation hall is just inside the entrance of the community and has ample parking space. There will be tables with role playing games set up, board games, and general fellowship and recreation. Refreshments will be made available. We hope to connect  players, have a great time, and do some serious gaming.  You are invited! Whether you are new to gaming or an old hand, you will find a game for you! 

Here are the planned games; please e-mail me at with the game you are interested in playing. Games will be open to late comers, inasmuch as is possible. Characters  will be provided by the GM's, so all you have to do is show up, sit down and play!( First come first serve on characters…!)--

Justice Incorporated

Justice Incorporated is being hosted by game referee Steven Rycroft.  Steve is a very experienced game master, I can tell you that from having sat in on several of his games. Justice Incorporated is a game based on the pulp fiction of the 20' s and 30's--masked heroes, hard boiled private eyes, ruthless gangsters, and occult horror.  I don't know yet what kind of game Steve has up his sleeve--horror, mystery, vigilante or crime noir, but judging from past scenarios, I suspect it will be a very fun session. Steve's games tend to be very story based and fast paced.

Boot Hill (3rd Edition)

Brent Davis will be running a raucous game of  3rd Edition Boot Hill. Boot Hill is a role playing game of the Wild West--gunslingers, damsels in distress, gamblers, lawmen, outlaws and hang-em high judges. Play a character in one of America's early frontier towns when law and order came from the barrel of a gun and the landscape was as savage as the brave men and women who settle on it. Brent's games are also very story based and highly character driven--he is a most engaging GM and player and if a western fantasy is your kick you will get a good game!

Original Dungeons and Dragons

Yours truly will be conducting a good old fashioned game of OD&D--Original Dungeons and Dragons! This will be a medieval fantasy dungeon adventure using the very first set of D&D rules ever published in 1973. This is the game that started them all--even before 1st Edition Advanced D&D, , 3.5 or Pathfinder. Play a warrior, cleric or wizard. Perhaps an elf, dwarf or hobbit is to your liking as a character….brave a misty dungeon of long buried secrets  that pits your wits and your sword( or spells)against traps, puzzles, tricks and monsters to win the fabulous treasure…an old school romp through dungeons as they were played by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson! Don't split the party!

Settlers of Catan

If you are more into exciting board games, try the Settlers of Catan, run by John!! Forget what you know about Monopoly or Sorry…Settlers is like no board game you've ever played. It is profoundly simple to play, but highly engaging and strategy based as you compete against other settlers to construct roads, hamlets, and towns on the land of Catan.  Points begin to pile up as the settlers build but their secret event and power cards, carefully hidden and wisely used, can shake up the game in unexpected ways. You will trade resources cards with other players to get what you need to build your city, but someone who is your ally during one turn might be your toughest opponent the next!  Victory never was so close….but come end of game, only the most determined will win!

So come out, meet new people, and play a game. E-mail me at for further information or to request a seat at a particular game. If you attend, please do drive carefully within our community as children are often at play. Hope to see you there! 

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  1. I took me a few years to be convinced settlers was worth playing, oh the wasted years, love that game and so does the family!