Friday, November 11, 2011

What I'm Playing Now

We have begun a 1st Edition AD&D campaign largely based upon Greyhawk but allowing DM personal setting material to be added. Rotating DM's every 5-7 sessions and will be doing some of the older modules as we have players who have never done early TSR. The game is every other Saturday and I am playing an elven fighter.

Omnigon is an 80's science fiction game I picked it up on a clearance shelf at a game store, intending to cannibalize it for a post apocalyptic game I've been wanting to run. The setting looked cheesy but I figured, I'll dump that. Then I got to reading it and realized it was actually a very good setting with mechanics very like the old Gamma World or Basic D&D.  It's cool. No regular campaign planned as yet, just the occasional game. We are playing this Sunday.

By the way, having been digesting the Omnigon rules, I am impressed and will be writing a full review later next week.

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