Friday, September 9, 2011

More Artwork From My Son

My son Levi is shaping up to be quite the artist.

I am somewhat of a cartoonist and I gave him his initial lessons but he has a lot of native talent. Aside from me introducing him at a young age to fantasy stories and art, it's been his own path.

His work improved tremendously after taking some lessons from an illustrator friend of mine in Idaho. We moved out of state so the lesson ended but the few that he did get were very useful to Levi.

His art is reminiscent of that of William Blake; the figure in the corner was added as a hasty sketch simply to show scale.

This is my concept on Dragons, too. I like the serpentine dragons with the fanciful heads better than the Smaug trope. Something Levi is able to convey well in his monsters is the glimmer of intelligence in their visages. You can look at this Dragon and know he is cunning. 

You can see this in his other monster pic as well:

Good job son.

Suggestions for a proper name for the dragon? I'm thinking Giridax.

Anyone else?