Friday, August 5, 2011

Roll a D6

Well, the old blog lies forgotten and forsaken for the moment--a lot going on. People in our gaming group have moved away and we shall miss them but we are revamping and the games go on. Not much time for posting lately...but lots of big life changes, some I'd rather not deal with. But life never asks us if we want to deal with it, eh? Anyway, I will try to add some worthwhile content in the near future. Until then, Roll a D6.

I have used this mechanic for a long time, even before I knew it was a mechanic. If something bad (or good) is about to happen to a random party member, I say "Roll a d6." If its a good thing, highest roll gets it. A bad thing, lowest roll takes the hit. Like when you pass under the webs of a ginat spider and I want to see who the spider lands on. When it pounces.

A player hopefully gets real interested and real nervous when the DM says roll a d6. By the way, this parody is way better than the actual song which was just, well, annoying. 



  1. Crazy times all around it seems. Good luck muddling through; I'm sure you'll come back to this when you have the time.

    In the meantime, perhaps you could take your mind off things by scanning the maps from The Hidden Kingdom...? ;P