Sunday, June 5, 2011

Avamere Outdoor Campaign Map

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We have had so many cool game things going on this past couple of weeks I do not have time to post it all for you at the moment.  

One thing you can look for in the future is a serialized account of our games and characters in short, fantasy-fiction style narratives that I hope will be entertaining for you to read. We completed the Kravekos Maze over  a period of three sessions and it was a fun and exciting game. I pulled no punches with my players--all dice rolls were open, take whatever comes! They very nearly bought the farm in the lair of a Carrion Crawler if not for a combination of fate and clever thinking...but that's a tale for another post!

I did want to upload this "finalized" Map of our Avamere Campaign environs. Finalized is in quotations because only the areas known to the player characters in a general geographical sense are filled in.

It will take lots of adventuring to fill the rest of the hexes in!

I can take no credit for the Map artwork...this is a scan of a portion of the game board from the old Avalon Hill "Outdoor Survival Game". I managed to pick up a great condition copy of the game from a local game shop's second hand table for $7.00! 

Laws End is noted on the map...this is where my Maze of Nuromen dungeon is located.

The location of the Undercity of Kravekos dungeon is readily identifiable as well!

I edited the scanned image with Microsoft Paint.

Influences of the place names are obvious, not because I can't come up with more original names but because of the feel I try to evoke in my Holmes Basic D&D games, a sort of "Middle Earth meets the real Middle Ages" atmosphere.

Our party members managed to attain the third level and acquire some very wonderous magical items, as well as become honored citizens of Kravekos. Looking forward to sharing that tale!

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  1. Fantastic map! When I click to "enlarge" I only get the same-sized picutre... Is there a bigger copy?