Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wargaming Chits

 Greetings, Maze Dwellers! long time no see.

I thought I would share some images of my paper  wargaming pieces I constructed today using the Internet, Word, glue, soda carton cardboard, and index cards.

I have recently taken an interest in historical battles and rulesets and I am preparing a wargame involving some Irish and Viking forces somewhere in Ireland in the 9th century!

I finished my warriors in about four hours and my next project will be a terrain map to serve as the locale of their hour of destiny.

I will update you on this project in ongoing posts.

I have some painted minis I plan on using as character pieces for leaders and shamans, etc, but for now, here are my flat token forces:

36 Viking Warriors

30 Irish Warriors

6 Irish Charioteers for Javelins

6 Irish Skirmishers

6 Irish Slingers

18 viking Archers

5 Viking Berserkers

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