Thursday, March 8, 2018

FREE Post Apocalyptic Wargames Rules!!!


So, what we do with blogs and forums is, we share things, right?

Preferably free things right? 

Wehave done that very thing here at the Mazes in offering free dungeon content (and there is more of that in writ and soon to be published RIGHT HERE) and now I'm proud to say, I've found some Post Apoc genre lovers who have done the same thing with Wasteland Wargame Rules for everyone who secretly yearns for an Apocalypse, soft or hard...or, barring such a horrible wish,seeks to simulate it... with a very beautiful set of FREE post apocalyptic wargames rules. 

Come on Baby, Light My Post Apocalyptic Fire

No, they didn't start a Kickstarter. 

They didn't want a dime of your sweat earned coin.

They just said "Here, Brother, take these rules I made and go forth and kick mutant ass...or, if you are a mutant, kick some Normies' asses."

Now, am I knocking my gamer brothers and sisters who have cobbled together a project to sell on the Internets or funded a Kickstarter to bring their worthy visions to life for the gaming community!? 

No, far be that from me!

I've enjoyed too many lovely games that had their humble start as a labor of love by fellow gamers-- and I have projects in the works myself!  

What the Man does with a call to the bank and a flick of his cigar, we do with love, and sweat, and passion! I'm always down to honor people who do that!

And I may want to stick it to the Man but I confess to a degree of fondness for his green inked hand bills...never seems to be enough of them, eh?

But everyone appreciates people who "DO IT FOR THE DO!"

Therefore, I am proud to share this blog from SKANK GAMES that not only offers FREE wargames rules for Fallout or Mad Max style gaming, but TONS of modeling and figure tutorials, genre reviews, and links to everyone whose ever fantasized about  crawling around in the Aftermath...

You will love this blog, all of it's free goodies, and sticking it to the Man by playing for free all the games he would charge you for tooth and tongue!

I share with you that which was shared with me:



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